Patchwork, matching coordinate colours each piece becomes a single powerful and unique statement.


The variety of design, one off unique chairs that add a special placein the room, in the house. Brings a whole new life to both antique and contemporary design


Pouffes are for fun living. Their unique designs reflect that fun.


The long, short and foot stools beg a dash of colour, flair and statement that says it all.


Agrowing collection of cushions on their own merit or to complement a chair, sofa or floor add flair, beauty and luxury

Furniture upholstered
with love and creativity

By Virve Viigand

Each piece of furniture, whether chair, sofa, chaise longue, pouffe, cushion or stool is considered right from the outset on its own merits. Much thought and care goes into allowing each project to speak its soul. Even a humble cushion will have its own personality, clarity and way of expression. That is how I work with each piece. I connect, we agree and the partnership becomes the unique outcome it turms into.

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