Growing up surrounded by the rich seam of Russian and European fairy tales is a magic kingdom in itself.
This section is intended as a place where I share some of the magic suffusing my life from the beginning. It is a cultural jewel and personal treasure demanding to be shared.

Stories having entranced generations of children.
Unless we retain and more importantly maintain our child like wonder throughout our lives we become old very swiftly. Telling and remembering the essential messages and teachings of our collective 'fairy tales' is a major factor towards reaching that goal.

nature holds her vast story book

Reading the Signs

Walking in nature is one of the most therapeutic exercises I have found. Whether it was walking and spending time in the deep forests of Estonia in my youth, communing with the flora and fauna who spoke a language I instantly comprehended, the fact of discovering hidden conversations and sacred insights into the mystical and magical was a child's dream come true.

That our adult guardians, our adult peer groups can dismiss this as mere fantasy merely shows us how far removed we have become from the real world of mystery, wonder and awe.

Developing that relationship demands solid ground and comprehension to navigate these oft scoffed fields of adventure. I hope, by sharing my own stories of this landscape, I might help some to be encouraged, emboldened and adventurous enough to delve deep into a whole new and ancient territory and become really alive, vibrant and to be able to share that wonder with others.