About Virve

Virve was born in Archangelsk, Northern Russia, at the time of the Balsamic moon. An auspicious moment that would define much of her later work as a visionary creative artist. A childhood spent in Estonia, her maternal grandmother's shamanic Siberian roots, were never far from her mind and being.

Her grandmother's influence on early understanding and implementation into her expanding modalities was pivotal. Her words to a youthful Virve still resonante the foundation of all she creates today:
"To be a true healer, you have to know how to weave."
Healing furniture, environment or people it rings true for all."

An artist must develop this understanding for the transformation process to take place internally right from the point of raw material to the finely executed end product.

Throughout her childhood the many days and nights in the secret and magical forests of her Estonian upbringing, brought not only a lifelong love of nature but the beauty contained in the patterns and beauty it revealed.

Nature and its spirits helped her develop a love of the natural cycles and how they influence the work towards harmony and integration. The mystical initiations she experienced were to ingrain an important awareness of how to inspire our healing potential to creative excellence and life mastery.

"Though blessed by a rich spiritual heritage of the land of my earlier life, it was being drawn to the sacred landscape of Glastonbury in England that enabled flourishing into the full development that is now my life work. "

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