Tea Leaves, Cards, Signs and Portents
Toolkit of the 

We all get stuck - it's knowing how to break through
that holds the key. When things look like a log jam, one initial reaction is to panic. Panic creates fear, fear confusion and inevitably bad decisions arise from this state of mind.
Do not be fooled into feeling this does not release the old - often what we feel is not right is the solution.

unlocking the best self within

Signs of The Times

It's YOUR state of mind
So often when the whole deck of proverbial cards have taken the house down,
destroyed the best laid plans and set us into a vortex of confusion, it seems the
last thing we might look towards would be divination. 

Yet within us all we are able to seek and find the best way forward. As always, when the nose is so close to the mirror it is difficult to define the true self, the true potential and its way through. This is where those with skill, empathy and insight can unlock doors previously jammed closed with age and lack of access.

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